Iron County School District
Three Peaks Community Council

Every school has a school community council consisting of the principal, elected teachers and a majority of elected parents.  Effective school community councils and trust lands committees work to address the most important academic needs of students.  One primary responsibility of School Community Councils outlined in the law is to review and make a recommendation to the local school board on the four school plans listed below:

School Improvement Plan
Professional Development Plan
Reading Achievement Plan
School LandTrust Plan

Parent and community member attendance at Community Council meetings is welcome and appreciated.  Please see the Community Council schedule for dates and times of upcoming Community Council meetings.

Three Peaks Elementary Reading Achievement Plan

Three Peaks Elementary School Improvement Plan

Procedure for Meetings

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Community Council Agenda


March 2017

December 2016

September 2016


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 Community Council Meeting Minutes

March 2017

December 2016

September 2016

March 2016


September 2015

April 2015

September 2014

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Upcoming Community Council Meeting

March 22, 2017

  (2:00-3:00 pm in the Media Center)

Three Peaks Community Council

Jessica Kaufman, 559-5282
Vice Chair-
Blake Clark, 586-8871
Paula Burgoyne, 586-8871
Parent/Licensed District Employee-
Harmony Langford, 586-8871
Parent/Licensed District Employee-
Jana Carter, 867-6342
Parent/Licensed District Employee-
Jenelle Lacy, 865-1517
Bonnie Wilcock, 865-1273
Sarah Pace, 463-2462
Nicole Holm, 841-7420

2016-2017 Estimated Land Trust Expenditures


                      Updated March 22, 2017
  1. Take Home Librarian
  2. Orchestra Instructor
  3. Webmaster
  4. Imagine Learning ESL Software
  5. Choir Director and Drama Teacher  
  6. Library Books

Important Sites

  School Land Trust

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