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PTA Board

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Tracy Summerour
  Stacy Halladay   Beverly Grimshaw
  Amanda Bull
PTA President   PTA Vice President   PTA Treasurer   PTA Secretary

The PTA's email address:

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to send us a message!

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PTA Meetings

@ 1:45 pm  


   Come be a part of what is going on in your school. Everyone is welcome.

   **All PTA Meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. (unless otherwise notified)**



Message from the PTA:


Dear Three Peaks Parents,


     Reminder: Parents, please send your children to school with a sweater or coat. Unless it is snowing or extrememly cold, the kids will still go out and play.

     PARENTS: For the safety of our students, please DO NOT park in-between the orange drop off cones along the red zone. If you need to come into the school, please park in the parking stalls. The preschool is not for our use and avoid the bus zone as well.

April School Newsletter


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Kite for Flight Information

Flyer #1

Flyer #2


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 Help Earn Money for Our School!

1.  Go to AmazonSmile

2. Log into your Amazon Account.

3. Type PTA Utah Congress Three Peaks Elementary.

4. Click Search.

5. Click Select.

6. Start Shopping :)

**Need to Log into AmazonSmile in order to donate, not**


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Safety Zone

Remember to Keep Our Kids Safe!


DO NOT park, pick up, or drop off in the Red Zone, between the cones.

DO NOT use the curb for parking. If you have to leave your car unattended, use the parking stalls.

DO NOT use the Three Peaks Preschool parking to pick up or drop off Elementary students.

DO NOT use the handicapped parking illegally.

DO drive slowly and cautiously through the parking lot and remember to take turns.

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Earn Money For Your School!


Amazon Smile

Lin's School Cents

Smith's Community Rewards Program

  Smith's Step By Step Enrollment Instructions



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 Executive Board 


Tracy Summerour

Vice President-  

  Stacy Halladay


  Beverly Grimshaw


 Amanda Bull


Committee Chair

Book Fair-  


Box Tops-    

Michelle Hillyard

Bulletin Board-  

 Jenelle Lacy


 Tracy Summerour & Stacy Halliday

Halloween Carnival-   

Stacy Halliday

Health Screening-  

 Jana Carter

Kindergarten Registration-   



Jana Carter




 Amanda Bull



PTA Membership-  

Red Ribbon Week-

 Tracy Summerour


 Julia Valerius

Teacher Appreciation-  


Teacher Representative- 

Susan Parker



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Facebook Page



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Get Connected

Thanks to the National PTA, Three Peaks PTA is now able to participate in a new web-based system to keep in touch with you. If you are interested in receiving communication from us, please visit:

Group Invitation Code: 390447tok

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Lin's & Smith's 

Earn money for our school every time you shop and use your PLUS account (Lin's), and/or your Rewards Card (Smith's)! Please have the cashier "link" your PLUS card upon checkout to code 9767. To enroll at Smith's, simply present the barcode scan found in the newsletter and your Rewards card to your cashier upon checkout. You must re-enroll each year. Thanks!

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Earn and Learn Program


Register at

or create a new account

Click on- "My Account"

Click on- "Community Rewards"

Register- Three Peaks Elementary #80015

If you do not have internet access you can contact Smith's directly at 800-764-8897.


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Target Red Card

Take charge of Education

School ID- 145152

To enroll- call 1-800-316-6142, in-store, or go to:

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Box Tops

Please continue to send them in and encourage family members to save them to.  It is free money for our school.  We now have 71 online supporters.  You can sign-up at to get special coupons and discounts at online stores.

Walmart is collecting box tops for the schools in our area.  Please encourage family members to either turn them in to you or drop them off in the Three Peaks Elementary bin located in front of the jewelry counter at Walmart. 

You can also put them in a baggie.  Don't forget to put the student's and teacher's name on them so you can earn a PARTY! 


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PTA Membership

Membership is available to any person who is willing to make a difference for children. Dues are used to further the programs and activities of our PTA unit. While not all members are available to volunteer their time, we believe that each member can be an example and make a difference in the life of a child. Membership is $5 per person per year (payable to Three Peaks PTA).